Old Bethlehem Steel Corporation high rise to be demolished Sunday

VIDEO: Bethlehem high-rise to be demolished

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — The former headquarters of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, now known as Martin Tower, will be demolished this weekend.

The unique 21-story building is shaped like a cross, reportedly because that would allow builders to construct the greatest number of corner offices. But the cruciform shape made it too expensive to redevelop.


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The building opened in 1972 and has been unoccupied since 2007.

Crews have spent two years removing asbestos from the building, and now, it's coming down.

A chopper pilot, Ted Rosenberger, decided to get some high quality footage of the structure before it's gone. "Seemed like something ... Like the right thing to do, to give the best footage to a museum that will preserve the memories of Martin Tower forever," Rosenberger told WFMZ.

The demolition will take place Sunday, May 19.