• Out-of-control car barely misses family on restaurant patio


    NAPA, Calif. - A mother and two children narrowly escaped being hit by a car as it careened into a restaurant's outdoor seating area Monday. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt.

    Vivian Saldivar, an employee at the restaurant, told KRON, "It's incredible how they are alive ... It was crazy. It was scary. It, just, everything flying, dirt, pots breaking, tables, umbrellas, all of our patio set was everywhere."


    Saldivar has worked at Villa Corona for 13 years. She had just watched the family step outside the restaurant when she heard the crash. "What I saw yesterday was like a movie scene. I've never seen anything like that in front of me," said Saldivar.

    The car ended up crashing into a cement privacy wall between the restaurant and a house. The people who live there say their dogs were in the backyard but are OK. Tables, chairs, pots and pillars at the restaurant were all destroyed.

    Police believe the driver just lost control. They said no charges were filed. 

    Police shared the video, pointing to the incident as an example of why it's always important to remain aware of your surroundings.


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