PAART arrives back in Pittsburgh after rescuing dogs from Texas

Volunteers from the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team drove a group of 42 dogs from San Antonio to Pittsburgh and an additional 25 dogs flew by plane.

This was all in an effort to make room for the displaced dogs in Texas from Hurricane Harvey.

The trip was a total of 3,000 miles.


“Thirty hours down, Thirty hours back,” said volunteer Lisa McCarty from Penn Hills of the drive.

Dr. Kristen Thorton, who works at the Big Easy Animal Hospital, a place created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, says this reminds her of that time.

"This dog has been through a week of honestly, so much and it just had surgery and then it's been transported so far, so long. So I can't imagine what he's going through," Thorton said. "It was a flashback of everything, everything that happened 10 years ago."

"This has been a fulfilling trip.  I needed to help and I found my way to help,” McCarty said.

All of the dogs brought in on Monday were taken to local animal shelters and will be adopted out in the very near future.

PAART may be doing another trip to Texas this weekend.