• Paris Hilton Talks Pittsburgh, New Reality Show With WPXI

    By: By: Jessica Fera , WPXI.com

    PITTSBURGH,None - The second episode of "The World According To Paris" airs tonight on Oxygen. The new reality show follows Paris Hilton and the people in her life, including her mother, Kathy, and her friend, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. I had the chance to talk with Paris and Kathy Wednesday morning.

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    Jessica: Paris, you're a busy woman and you've done reality shows before, so why did you want to do another reality show?

    Paris: I feel like there are so many misconceptions of me out there and what people write in the tabloids and news is not the truth. I really wanted my fans and everyone to get an inside look at my life. And this show seriously shows the most intimate moments of my life. When I fight with my boyfriend, when I go to my mom for comfort, when I'm talking to my girlfriends about relationship advice, when I cry, when I'm happy. You really get to see it all in the show.

    Jessica: Paris, why do you think people are so fascinated by you?

    Paris: I've been in this business now for 15 years and I love my fans so much and they really mean the world to me and I think that really makes a difference when you're so behind your fans and you love them so much.

    Jessica: Kathy, Paris is always in the public spotlight and sometimes the subject of scrutiny. What is that like for you as a mother? We saw you get pretty emotional on "The Piers Morgan Show" last week.

    Kathy: Yes, that was a lot of emotion. Paris and I never discussed that. It was such a painful time for us, so when he brought it up on TV it was pretty emotional. But you know Paris has made mistakes, she's had the bumps in the road, I think she has learned from them and I'm really proud of her. What can I say? I love her, she's my daughter. I have to put her over my knee once in awhile and you'll see that on the show. It's full access. Tonight is a very compelling episode and I hope that the viewers will watch. Brooke Mueller has never spoken before but we've heard from Charlie [Sheen]. We've never heard from her. And you're going to see raw, real footage.

    Jessica: Paris, as the fans and the viewers watch your show this season, what do you think is going to surprise them the most about you?

    Paris: I think there's definitely going to be a lot of surprises. My life is so unpredictable and you never know what's going to happen. We were surprised every single day. And people are so used to seeing me on "The Simple Life" playing a character and they've never really seen the real Paris. So now they're really going to see how it is being me and that I go through things just like any other woman. People can really relate to me and I'm really excited for people to see that different side.

    Jessica: Since I'm talking to you ladies from Pittsburgh this morning I have to ask, have either of you ever visited Pittsburgh?

    Kathy: Yes! My grandmother lived in Hershey, Pa., my Aunt Donna, a lot of my cousins. We love you Pittsburgh.

    Paris: We love Pittsburgh. I've been there for my fragrance signings so I met all of my fans out there and I visited family out there, so yes I've been there and I love it.

    "The World According To Paris" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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