• Pennsylvania's 'Fab Four' head to Washington


    PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Pennsylvania voters made history Tuesday by electing four women to represent them in Congress. 

    Newly elected Democrats Susan Wild, Madeline Dean, Mary Gay Scanlon and Chrissy Houlahan say they all have been united even before the historic vote Tuesday night.

    "As we were running this whole cycle, it felt historic. It felt like Pennsylvania was about to be the 'Keystone State' again. Historically sending four women to Congress at a time when we have no woman in Congress," Dean told KYW. "We got together in limited ways and we did joint fundraising together. We had a nickname, we have a nickname called the Fab Four. I think that's a little unprecedented, where you see nominees working together."


    Pennsylvania has only ever sent seven women to Congress, and never more than two at a time.

    "This should just be a moment of time, but it cannot be a one off. This is something we need to build on. Hopefully, it won't be unique after 2018," said Wild.

    The "Fab Four" hope to continue that in Washington.

    "People are very hungry for government that works. There are so many things that people do agree we should be doing, working on the opioid crisis, working on common sense gun safety, working on an infrastructure bill, and we have to get to those things," said Scanlon.

    The newly elected women will be headed to a house controlled by Democrats for the first time in eight years. 



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