• City OKs $1.25M for demolition of warehouse gutted by fire

    ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) - A Pennsylvania city will spend $1.25 million for the emergency demolition of a privately owned vacant warehouse gutted by fire this week.

    The Allentown City Council reluctantly approved the expenditure Wednesday. But officials vowed the city will use "all legal avenues" to get the money back from the developer who owns the site.

    The move came after city officials and firefighters said the fire had so badly damaged the warehouse that it must be demolished before the scene can be safely cleared and fire marshals can investigate the cause of the blaze.

    The fire broke out Sunday night, sending flames high into the sky and heavy, dark smoke billowing from windows. It was still burning in spots Wednesday night.

    The demolition work should start late Thursday or early Friday.

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