• Annual Pittsburgh police report released; Crime down 6.6 percent


    PITTSBURGH - The 2013 city of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety Bureau of Police Annual Report was release Monday.

    The 118-page publication has three new components: police expenditures, police training and a Bureau of Police units section that has been reorganized from being a general narrative to a directory-like section.

    Other highlights of the data in the 2013 report are:


    • Overall crime has been reduced by 6.6 percent, driven primarily by a decrease in property crimes.


    • Violent crime is down by 2.6 percent; however, all violent crime is up except for robbery which is down by 15.8 percent.


    • A significant increase will be seen in the number of rapes as a result of the Uniform Crime Reporting definition of rape being expanded to include male victims.


    • Homicides are up by six while the 10-year homicide average is down by two. New charts are included showing when homicides occur by day of week and time of day.

    The full report is available on the city’s public safety website.

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    Annual Pittsburgh police report released; Crime down 6.6 percent

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