• Pittsburgh council votes in favor of adding red-light cameras to city intersections


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh City Council voted 7-2 Tuesday in favor of adding red-light cameras at several area intersections.

    Council approved a bill that will add about 20 red-light cameras in the city, and Mayor-elect Bill Peduto said he’ll approve the measure.

    “If these lights can save a life, I’ll be all for them,” Peduto said. “I was hit by a Suburban that went through a light.”

    Peduto told Channel 11’s Gordon Loesch that he was hit by a vehicle downtown in 1998.

    “This has an opportunity to provide the city with safer intersections where we know people are running lights and we don’t have the police to get them,” Peduto said.

    The bill makes Pittsburgh the second city in Pennsylvania to have red-light cameras. Philadelphia was the first.

    Officials said if the cameras catch a car driving through a red light, a ticket will be issued through the mail, like a parking ticket, to the owner of the car, not the driver. The penalty is expected to be a $100 fine.

    Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak said she voted against the cameras because the current traffic system needs to be re-calibrated.

    “The revenue that will be generated from these red-light cameras in the city of Pittsburgh will actually be dolled out to other municipalities across the state. That’s the way the state legislation is written,” Rudiak said.

    Before the cameras could be installed, a traffic study would have to be done to choose locations where warning signs would also go up.

    “We look at it as another tool that we can use to reduce traffic accident,” acting police Chief Regina McDonald said.

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