• Online rap video threatens Pittsburgh police, praises cop killer; FBI investigating


    PITTSBURGH - The Pittsburgh Police Intelligence Unit and FBI are investigating an online rap video threatening to kill Pittsburgh police officers.

    Police learned of the video, titled “(Expletive) the Police,” on Thursday.

    Channel 11's Alan Jennings said the video names Zone 5 police officers and praises Richard Poplawski, who is on death row for killing three Pittsburgh police officers.

    Lyrics include “Like Poplawski I’m strapped nasty” and “Let’s kill these cops cause they ain’t doing us no good,” police said.

    The video has since been taken offline. As a result of the threat, Pittsburgh police officials said they are doubling up on all their patrol units.

    “We are taking this very seriously,” police spokeswoman Diane Richard said.

    Internet threats are considered federal crimes. According to defense attorney Phil DiLucente, each count carries heavy fines and five years in prison.

    “This isn’t free speech at all. Clearly this would be a planned situation,” DiLucente said. “You can’t make threats to any law enforcement person whether it be in person or using the wires.”

    No arrests have been made and police said their investigation is ongoing.

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