Pittsburgh pop-up shop taking a stand for women on Equal Pay Day

Less Than 100, a local pop-up shop charges men full-price and women 76 percent to raise awareness for gender wage disparity.

PITTSBURGH — Elana Schlenker sends a clear message every time she opens the doors to her pop-up shop on Penn Avenue. Perhaps, no message was clearer than when she opened up on Tuesday, Equal Pay Day.

Schlenker is the founder of Less Than 100, a store where men pay regular price, while women only pay 76 percent. The figure reflects the percentage of what Pennsylvania women make on average when compared to men.

“It’s a little bit unfair, but so is the fact that women are still making less than men are,” said Schlenker.

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The effort isn’t to discriminate, but rather to raise awareness about the disparity in wage. Schlenker says both men and women happily have come into her shop to support the cause.

“I think most people that come in realize that I’m not truly trying to discriminate,“ said Schlenker. “They see it as a fun project that is about dialogue.”

Less Than 100 features art, literature, textiles and more from women all across the country.

“I tried to get this really diverse range of merchandise that shows that women are doing awesome things everywhere,” said Schlenker.

Aside from selling merchandise, the venue will host events, workshops, panels and art events.

Schlenker has plans to move her temporary operation to New Orleans, Louisiana, this fall. In the meantime, Less than 100 is open all throughout April from noon to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. For more information about the project, visit Lessthan100.org.