Police bust major heroin ring in Westmoreland County

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — Law enforcement officials on Wednesday announced arrests in connection with a suspected heroin ring based in Westmoreland County.

Authorities said Chauncy Bray is accused of leading the operation, which moved more than 1,800 stamp bags of heroin throughout the county within a month.

Authorities said most of the heroin was sold from a home on Wineman Road in Youngwood, where Kellie Hays initially got involved with dealing.

Bray and Hays both face drug-related charges.

"I just saw a lot of people coming in and out quickly and constantly - all times of the day and night,” said Jennifer Martin, who lived near the home.

Court paperwork listed another alleged selling point as a home on North First Street in Jeannette, where Ryan Meyers was staying. Police took him into custody during their raid. He's charged with receiving stolen property and possessing a gun without a permit.

Meyer’s sister told Channel 11 News that she believes her brother has nothing to do with the alleged heroin ring.

“They're wrong, and I think he tried to change his life and come home this time. I don't believe it. I don't believe it. He's a good person,” she said.

Bray, who police believe led the heroin ring, has been in trouble with the law in the past.

Channel 11 News learned he was convicted after another heroin ring was busted in 2012. Police said Bray’s testimony in that trial helped them build a “road map" of how he was allegedly operating his current organization.