• Dad accused of assaulting 1-year-old with remote control remains on run


    PITTSBURGH - A father of a 1-year-old girl is on the run after police said he threw a remote control at the girl, causing injuries to her face.

    According to the criminal complaint, 22-year-old Corbin Ingram used a television remote to assault his daughter.

    Investigators said the incident happened at the girl’s grandmother’s house in Sheraden earlier this week.

    The criminal complaint stated that Corbin’s girlfriend witnessed the assault saying, “He picks up the TV remote control and throws it like a baseball at his daughter across the living room, striking her in the nose and mouth.”

    The complaint goes on to say, “He then picked up his daughter and threw her into the corner of another couch.”

    Officers said the girl had blood on her face and hands.

    When police arrived at the home, Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan reported that Ingram asked officers “if he was going to jail” and then ran out of a back door.

    An arrest warrant for Ingram has been issued. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call 911. 

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