Police seek man who robbed gas station of Gatorade, chewing tobacco

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. — Authorities are searching for a man who stole a bottle of Gatorade and chewing tobacco from a gas station Thursday morning after attempting to rob the clerk of cash, Bridgeville police said.

Bradley Irwin told Channel 11 News that he was working when a man, who was caught on surveillance video, came into the Gulf Gas Station in Bridgeville.

Irwin said the man walked right up to the counter with a Gatorade and chewing tobacco in hand, and then demanded cash.

“I told him no. He says, ‘Give me all your money, bro, or I will shoot you.’ I tell him no. He asks me again, ‘Why won’t you give me your money?’ This went on for a minute,” Irwin said.

He said the man kept pointing his fingers as though he had a gun, but Irwin said he never saw one. He said the robber appeared to be on something.

“His eyes were dilated. He looked desperate (and) kept saying, ‘Bro,’” Irwin said.

He said the man took off without any money, but did take the Gatorade and chewing tobacco.

A neighboring business surveillance camera caught an image of the robber running away.

Irwin said he hopes someone recognizes the man and calls police. He added that he’s thankful he was the one to face-off with the robber, and not one of his co-workers.

“My two coworkers are females. He could have hit them. I am glad I was here, not one of them,” he said.