Both Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick say they’ll win Pennsylvania Republican Senate nomination

PITTSBURGH — Judging by speeches made late last night, Dave McCormick and Dr. Mehmet Oz both think they will be the next Republican nominee in the general election race this fall, although right now the race is too close to call.

But, once a winner is declared, pet associate professor of political science Dr. Kristin Kanthak thinks a recount will be likely.

“There is almost certainly going to be a recount. In PA, the law is if two candidates are within a half of percent of each other, there is an automatic recount that the state pays for,” Dr. Kanthak said.

She thinks the raise could come down to Allegheny County.

“I think the vote in Allegheny County is going to be really central. I would be surprised if the winning candidate won by more in the state more than they did in allegheny County,” she added.

All of the votes are not in yet, and a spokesperson for the county says they are still waiting on votes from 10 precincts.