Pennsylvanians warned of robocalls trying to suppress mail-in voters

House OKs changes to mail-in voting law; Gov. Wolf threatens veto

HARRISBURG — State officials are warning Pennsylvania voters about robocalls that are spreading false information about voting by mail-in ballots for the November general election.

The robocalls claim that personal information about mail-in voters will be shared with law enforcement agencies looking to arrest people on outstanding warrants and with credit card companies looking to collect on outstanding debts, said Pennsylvania officials.

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Voting by mail-in ballot is safe and secure, and information about voters won’t be shared, state officials said.

“These false, targeted robocalls are another desperate tactic to scare eligible Americans from participating in the election,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “Don’t listen to their lies - vote. We will protect every eligible ballot. All Pennsylvanians can be confident that voting by mail is safe, secure, and legal.”

An investigation into the calls is underway, and any attempts to suppress mail-in voting in the Nov. 3 election will be prosecuted, state officials said.

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