Decision 2023

Plan to reduce cell phone tax in Pennsylvania part of Gov. Shapiro’s budget

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Budget hearings continue in the Harrisburg as the state legislature combs through Governor Shapiro’s first proposed budget.

One part that’s flown under the radar could affect anyone in the state with a cell phone.

“This would make a difference that people might be able to see in their wallets,” State Rep. Abigail Salisbury said. She represents the 34th District in Allegheny County.

According to the, Pennsylvania’s tax of 16.6% is the seventh highest in the country.

Salisbury says the tax money currently goes right to the general fund. The tax would be replaced with a 38 cent increase that would rise with inflation.

“That money will go to pay for things like 911, EMS services, mental health services. That money will go directly into a line item as opposed to just into the general fund,” Salisbury said.

Should nothing change and the proposal pass as currently written, consumers would save about 11% on every cell phone bill.

“Some people pay a pretty hefty cell phone bill, especially if they pay for their whole family. It could be a pretty big chunk of change when added up over the course of a year.”

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