Rules for 17th Congressional District Debate on Channel 11 Sept. 26

Rules for 17th Congressional District Debate on Channel 11 Sept. 26
Decision 2020: 17th Congressional Race – Segment 1

PITTSBURGH — The highly contested race between Democratic incumbent Conor Lamb and his Republican Challenger has gotten national attention, and could have major implications in the makeup of the Congress.

Both candidates - Rep. Conor Lamb and Sean Parnell - will face off in a debate Saturday, Sept. 26 on Channel 11.

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Here are the rules for the debate:

Coin flip for first makeup session.

Coin flip for first opening statement.

Each candidate has 2:00 for an opening statement.

Questions and Answer Segment: Both candidates will get 1:30 to answer each question. The first candidate to answer will also have :30 for a rebuttal. We will then flip the order in the next question. For fairness, there will be no rebuttal on the final question if it is an odd number.

Each candidate will get 1:00 for a closing statement, starting with the candidate who went second for the opening statement.

Only one person in addition to the candidate will be allowed in the Studio for the debate. All others will watch the debate live from the green room to which they are assigned.

There is no texting allowed once the debate begins.

There will be someone with cue cards for timing in the studio, so the candidates will know when they have 60 seconds, 30 seconds, and when to wrap for opening/closing statements and answers.