• Pothole gets birthday celebration after city's inaction


    JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI - Residents in one neighborhood used their creativity to get a lengthy pothole problem resolved.

    The city says the pothole in question was almost five feet deep.

    Residents in the Jackson, Mississippi neighborhood say it had been a nuisance for drivers for over a year.

    So they put up a sign near the pothole, wishing it a happy birthday.

    The sign also noted two "little brother" potholes had popped up as well.

    And that they had called the city more than 300 times to get the problem fixed, but to no avail.

    The sign appears to have worked, as city workers showed up last weekend to fill the large pothole with dirt.

    While at first excited to see the pothole was getting fixed, residents were still disappointed:  "We actually were driving to church and we honked our horn!  We were like, 'Woo! Way to go!'  Then on the way home from church, we were like, you're kidding, right?  It's just dirt," said Tracey Metcalf.

    The two smaller potholes were also filled with dirt.

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