• Prairie dogs with plague-infested fleas cancel Phish concert camp-out


    COMMERCE CITY, Colo. - There are some big changes for Phish fans because of prairie dogs near the venue.

    Plague-infested fleas have been affecting prairie dogs around Commerce City and a wildlife refuge had to be closed off because of it.

    One of those is right by where a Phish concert was supposed to happen Labor Day weekend. The concert will still go on as planned, but camping and vendors won't be allowed.


    Coral Amayi was really looking forward to camping at the upcoming Phish concert, "which is something me and my friends have done for 7 years."

    "I definitely wanted to crawl into my room and cry for a minute with my cat."

    Not only is it a favorite tradition, she planned to debut her company's new product this year.

    It's a caffeine-free energy drink mix packed with vitamins, she said, designed for dancers and concert-goers who need that extra kick.

    "I was just really hoping to get the product to 30,000 people and really get the website out there so that more people would be able to find us," Amayi told KCNC.

    But with plague-infested fleas affecting prairie dogs are not far from Dick's Sporting Goods Park, which required that camping be canceled and said that vendors can't bring their goods to parking lots.

    Even though there are no human cases. Amayi understands the decision to cancel the campout.

    "I don't really want to take the risk and I don't think having 35,000 people taking that risk is a big idea," said Amayi. "We all see that really Dick's Sporting Goods made the biggest effort to make sure the show goes on."


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