• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Girl Scout cookies


    PITTSBURGH - A young Greensburg girl and her fellow Girl Scouts are sweetening the days for families of young patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC with Girl Scout cookies.

    People across the nation and around the world; donate money to Emily Ruggieri, who uses it to buy Girl Scout cookies for families at Children’s Hospital.

    “I just really think it makes them feel really overjoyed because they're stuck in the hospital and they don't get to do the things I get to do, like go to a park and play baseball and stuff,” said Emily.

    Just recently, Emily and her fellow Girl Scouts gave away 1,000 boxes of cookies to families.

    “It was a very kind gesture. It's beautiful that these kids are out here doing this to support these little fellas with cancer,” said Ben Sinclair, whose son Braden is a patient at Children’s Hospital.

    The idea was inspired by her father Ethan, a cancer patient, who passed away when Emily was 1 year old.

    “We always bought cookies from any Girl Scout troop around and we would take them into the hospital when we would receive treatment for chemotherapy,” said Suzanne Ruggieri, Emily’s mother. “Sadly, those are the stays when we never got out when we thought we would, and we would always run out of cookies.”

    This led Emily to ask, “Why can't we just get a lot of cookies and take them to the hospital?” That is how the whole operation got started three years ago.

    “When I wake up for delivery day, it kind of makes me feel like I get another Christmas, and I'm Santa Claus, ‘cause I get to give them something delicious and something fun,” said Emily. 

    For more information, email gscookies4chp@gmail.com.

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