Proud to be From Pittsburgh: Litter Gitters

Proud to be From Pittsburgh: Litter Gitters

CARNEGIE, Pa. — As we enter the green phase and get back to some normalcy, a Carnegie man is hoping his quarantine hobby, which spread to the community, will continue.

"A lot of people don't realize, they're in their cars, and don't walk the streets and realize how much litter is actually out there," said Marty McGrogan

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Trash littered along roads and sidewalks frustrated Marty McGrogan. During the past three months, while he was waiting to get back to work, he, along with his best friend, decided to do something about it.

"We decided since we have a lot of time on our hands that we would get out there more and pick up more, and my friend Kara who helps me on this campaign, suggested that we start a Facebook page." said McGrogan.

Their Facebook group, “The Litter Gitters” now has 700 members. The members stretch beyond the steel city to places like Florida and Canada. McGrogan said he encourages friends to pass the movement along and clean up their community while out for walks during the quarantine. But as people get back to normal, McGrogan hopes people will continue cleaning up using their gloves and reaching tool.

"Maybe make it a once a month or once a week, or, you know, just to keep putting the effort in it," said McGrogan.

Pictures submitted to the group show a Sheraden sidewalk overgrown and covered in litter. But a short time later, after four trash bags full, it’s cleaned up.

McGrogan encourages people to start small and do the area along your daily walks, "we say one bag at a time; it doesn't have to be large hauls."

He adds small groups will get together and clean up large areas together.

The Litter Gitters group is making us proud to be from Pittsburgh.