Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Salvation Army Baskets of Hope

PITTSBURGH — Thanksgiving might look different in your house this year. Whether you’re only celebrating with your immediate family, or perhaps you’ve had to scale back the fixings because it’s been a financially tough year. But the Washington Salvation Army is making sure everyone has food on the table.

All this week, they’ve been handing out their Thanksgiving Baskets of Hope. Today was the last day. These baskets include everything from the sides to the dessert, and a voucher for a turkey.

And the need for these is there. Usually the Salvation Army in Washington hands out 300, but they’ve put together 700 this year, anticipating more people will come to them for help.

“Our hope is that families will be able to engage with one another around the table this Thanksgiving season and truly just enjoy a meal and count their blessings this Thanksgiving,” said Captain Amber Imhoff, pastor and commanding officer of Washington Salvation Army.

She said they haven’t raised as much as they would like for the Thanksgiving baskets, and that could impact the amount of funds left for the Christmas Baskets of Hope. But they are already taking applications for them.

If you need a Christmas basket or you’d like to donate to the Salvation Army, go to their website HERE.