Proud to be From Pittsburgh: A sign and a wish

Proud to be From Pittsburgh: A sign and a wish
(WPXI/Cox Media Group)

BELLEVUE, Pa. — A young Bellevue boy is inspiring his community to make change by just holding a sign and it’s making us Proud to be from Pittsburgh.

On this busy street corner in Bellevue, 8-year old Andre Barron stands week after week with a sign and a wish.

"A country that has no racism," said Barron.

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During a time when our country feels more divided then ever and living through such an unknown time, Barron and his brother, Anthony felt it was important to get their feelings out.

"I want to see everybody being equal and way less gun violence and killings than there is," said Anthony.

Rain or shine, these boys stand in front of a pizza shop in their Bellevue community with this simple message: his life matters.

Their simple action inspired others - black, white, young and old - to stand with them.

Alyssa Gerlick said seeing the boys made her emotional, "we have listen to the children and listen to the community and truly create justice for all."

While the encouragement can be seen and heard from all the honks, it's showing that the simplest action can start to make change.

"We end racism together," said Andre. "And one heart and one mind changed can help change the world."

Andre Barron is making us Proud to be from Pittsburgh.