• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: August Wilson Cultural Center


    PITTSBURGH - The August Wilson Cultural Center started off the new year closed to make improvements for 2019. Center leaders say the improvements are needed to help the center put its best foot forward.

    "This is the 10th year of the August Wilson Cultural Center, so things need to be updated," said marketing manager Cydney Nunn.

    The center is ready to reopen after its first round of modernization efforts. It has all new flooring, and while that might not seem like much, it is indicative of the future of a space made for everyone

    "This is a place for everyone to feel included and have a space and a voice," said Nunn.

    The center faced financial bankruptcy in 2014, just five years after opening. Pittsburgh organizations and the Cultural Trust helped it get back on its feet. Now new leaders say it is ready to thrive.

    "We're showcasing black art on this high pedestal and it gives people a taste of something they wouldn't experience anywhere else in Pittsburgh," Nunn said.

    The center is unique in that it is free to the public, so everyone in Pittsburgh can come in to experience art.

    "With changing galleries, you have an opportunity to open your family and yourself up to experiences you might otherwise not be able to do," she said.

    The center reopens on Sunday. The "Familiar Boundaries, Infinite Possibilities" exhibit runs into March. You can find out more about the center by clicking here.


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