Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Beeps for B'man

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Beeps for B'man

The sound of a horn doesn't excite many people, but for one Fox Chapel boy known as B'man, it makes his day. Recently a few motorcycle riders surprised B'man and his family with a unique parade, and it made us "Proud to be from Pittsburgh."

The loud sometimes annoying sound of horns from motorcycles and cars brings pure joy to 14-year-old William Carney, known in the Fox Chapel community as B'man. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age and recently moved from Michigan for treatment after his spine collapsed. B'man loves sitting along Freeport Road watching traffic with his mom and twin brother.

"My wife works in Blawnox, so she drives by it every day and just saw him," said Delos Hough.

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Hough and a friend decided to gather a bunch of bikers to put on a beeping parade for B'man.

Bill Taylor, one of the coordinators, said it all made sense, "just simply beeping your horn, that  is all he wants, We're going to hang out with him."

Roughly 50 motorcyclists rode down Freeport Road to Fox Chapel plaza bringing smiles and tears to B'man and his mom.

B'man's mom, Bethany Carney, filmed the parade for her son's Facebook page she just started in August. After getting strange looks from drivers on the side of the road, she started Beep for B'man Facebook page to involve the community and show off all the fun they have.

"The sheer impact of this many people this many bikes, coming through beeping and revving and watching my sons face," said Carney. "My knees are weak right now."

At the end of the night, a beep-off was held with the bikers and some firefighters.

"The people here are phenomenal," said Carney.

Those people beeping for B'man are making us Proud to be from Pittsburgh.