Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Boy helps kids with cancer

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Boy helps kids with cancer

PITTSBURGH — A young boy from Pittsburgh is proving that anyone at any age can help the community, and it all started when he found out about children battling cancer.

Instead of showing off a collection of toys, 9-year-old Austin Martinelli proudly reads excerpts about children he's helped at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

"I don't like cancer, because so many people die from cancer. I don't like seeing people like that," said Martinelli.

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Austin first heard about the "Partner in Hope" program on the radio, and it made him interested in the hospital.


"I said, 'Bud, you pay $20 a month for that' and he said, 'I have my own money, that's what I would like to do.'," said Michelle Cozzo, Austin's mother.

Since December, Austin has been consistently supporting St. Jude, but his thoughtfulness goes much farther.

"I told them I'd take the time to do a walk and everything," said Martinelli.

Austin will host a Wagon Walk on April 22. He's already raised nearly $600 through a fundraiser he coordinated at school. He'll add that to the money he raises at the walk, and send it all to the hospital.

"It makes me feel really good because my mom and dad always say it's a real nice thing I'm doing," said Martinelli.

"So proud of the stuff he's doing and the example he is giving, which I'm hoping that a lot more kids and adults will follow in his footsteps," said Cozzo.

For more information on how you can help Austin, who is trying to go to St. Jude's Hospital in Tennessee to delivery the money he's raised himself, CLICK HERE.