Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Corey Mizell

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: The Good Samaritan

PITTSBURGH — In this week's edition of Proud to be from Pittsburgh, Channel 11's Peggy Finnegan shows how one man went above and beyond to return an item he found.

Along a busy Freeport Road in Fox Chapel, Corey Mizell dodged traffic to grab a driver's license, bank card and wallet full of cash.

Mizell said he searched Facebook for the owner but had no luck. He contacted the college on the student ID, then posted a video on Facebook in the hopes of finding Mark Shehady.

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While pumping gas, Shehady placed his wallet on his trunk. Forgetting it was there, he drove off to the bank. As he retraced his steps, his father got a call from the college that it was found.

That act of kindness left Shehady surprised.

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