• Fishing club helping kids, families connect outside the classroom


    PITTSBURGH - The kids are counting down the hours to the end of the day. But at one local school, they're not looking forward to going home. The countdown is to get their hooks in the water.

    Dilworth students received some extracurricular education-in casting a line.

    “I was just fishing and thinking of the great times I had with my father and grandmother and my brothers and I thought we have this pond right near the school, why don't we take the children fishing?” said Lori Russo.

    Russo is a teacher and  started the Fishing Club six years ago. It grew from 30 to 60 members; kids can fish every week in May and in the fall at the pond in Highland Park.

    Russo teamed up with "Let’s Go Fishing," a club dedicated to getting more children interested in the sport.

    “When you look out there in that water, you don't see a fish. So for a kid to take a line out, throw it out to hope to get something, so there's hope. There's faith, there's trust,” said Edward Caldwell Jr. with "Let’s Go Fishing".

    The club helped get the pond stocked, and they bring along extra poles for the children to use.

    Russo loves to see how the club is helping kids connect.

    “A lot of families have started fishing again. It’s great,” she said.

    The kids, too, love spending time learning from Russo.

    Russo and the "Let’s Go Fishing Club": making us Proud to From Pittsburgh.

    “Let’s Go Fishing’ is planning a big event at the pond on June 29.



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