Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Hampton High School blood drive

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Hampton High School blood drive

At Hampton High School, students are preparing for an event in honor of a peer. The students are holding a blood drive with extra significance this year, as an 11th grade student fights leukemia.

"It hits closer to home when it's one of your classmates, one of your peers," said senior student Hanna Bernett.

Sam Triulzi was diagnosed with leukemia in May. Since then, he has had to face a series of serious blood and platelet transfusions. The students hold blood drivers three times a year with a good turnout, but say they are preparing to see big crowds this time around.

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"I've been asking a lot of my friends and people in class, 'are you going to donate, it's for Sam,' and everyone has been saying yes," said senior student Valerie Fischer.

Students have been putting up signs with Sam's story all across the community to get more than just the school interested in donating. It's all because they want Sam to know they care and hope to see him back soon.

"We're really sorry that this has happened to Sam, but we are here to support him and support people that have what he has as well," said Fischer.

The blood drive is on Jan. 30 from 7:15 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, but they ask people to sign up ahead of time if they can. Click here to sign up to donate and find out more about supporting Sam.