• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Hardware store helps hurricane victims


    WEXFORD, Pa. - Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left severe damage behind in Texas and Florida that will take months to repair and clean up. But a Pittsburgh-area hardware store has found a way to reach out and help those in need down south.


    "We're so far removed up here in Pittsburgh, that we wanted to do something," said Laurie Luitgaarden, owner of the Ace Hardware in Wexford.


    For $50, customers can purchase a bucket filled with cleaning supplies, which will be sent to help flooding victims clean up from the hurricanes.


    "This is a cleaning bucket so we have all kinds of cleaning supplies, hopefully to just kind of get them through a little bit," said Luitgaarden.


    Customers have jumped at the chance to help.


    "People are like, 'Wow, this is really cool. I've already given at church but I can do a little more,' and that's what it's about: doing a little bit more when people are in need," said Luitgaarden.


    Luitgaarden said she's looking forward to October, when the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) will use trucks to take the buckets to Florida and Texas.




    "I think it's going to be amazing when they hand out these buckets, that they show a nice sense from Pittsburgh. That there's going to be a presence from Pittsburgh there and I think that's important. They need to know that other people than just from their communities care," said Luitgaarden.


    Customers who buy a bucket are also given a 20 percent discount on any other items they're buying in the store that day.


    For more information, visit the Ace Hardware in Wexford at 11910 Perry Highway, or call them at (724) 934-4223. They are collecting donations for buckets until Sept. 30th.



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