• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Officer David Shifren


    PITTSBURGH - Officer David Shifren, 61, started working for the Pittsburgh police force three years ago when he went through the city’s academy at age 58.

    "But nobody said ‘You're too old! You're crazy! What are you doing?’" Shifren said.

    Shifren works out of Zone 4 in Squirrel Hill, but his beat is in Hazelwood, where he is also known as “Chess Cop” because he started a chess club/class in Hazelwood.

    Also working at the University of Pittsburgh, Shifren teaches writing class. He has also written books and screenplays.

    Shifren works as a Community Resource Officer, offering help to people searching for jobs, helping them on their resume and speaking to local groups.

    After working as a suburban police officer for a few years, Shifren decided it was time for a bigger challenge. That is why he took on the Pittsburgh Police Academy at age 58.

    Shifren loves the work he does and helping people.

    "As a police officer - you have a ringside seat to the greatest show on Earth," said Shifren, who was told this by a veteran officer years ago. 

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