Proud to be From Pittsburgh: Running for a cause with Beyond Type One

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Running for a cause with Beyond Type 1

PITTSBURGH — Living with Type 1 diabetes is challenging -- a constant struggle to monitor blood sugar levels.

"It took a lot of trial and error to kind of figure out the best system that works for me," Missy Donovan said. "Typically, as I'm running, it will drop, so I'm constantly eating more snacks.”

Donovan, of Pittsburgh, says it's even more challenging when training to run a marathon. something that has landed in her in the hospital before.

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"I never thought I could run a marathon six years ago, when I tried and I failed," she said.
But by 30, she had completed her third marathon. The most recent, this past Sunday in New York City, she completed in five hours.

She was one of 30 people from across the country chosen to run for the charity group Beyond Type One.

"It’s awesome to be able to cross the finish line with this group, to be able to advocate for everyone else out there,” she said.

Donovan said she’s thankful for the support system that got her here and hopes her story will inspire others.

"This is another way to kind of show diabetes that I'm in control and not let it control me,” she said.

Missy Donovan makes us Proud to be From Pittsburgh.