Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Sam's Blessing Box

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Sam's Blessing Box

PITTSBURGH — Most 9-year-olds are probably spending their free time hanging out with their friends or playing video games, but one local boy spent his summer trying to save the world.

Sam Kieffer's mission started with a Michael Jackson music video.

"I saw all these hungry kids begging for water {in the video} and no one should be begging for food or water," Kieffer said.

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He wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he wanted to help. That's when he found the idea for the Blessing Box online and got to work on a new mission.

"A lot of canned fruit and just a lot of canned meat and sugar," Kieffer said.


He filled up the cupboard his grandfather converted into a roadside stand on Jacoby Road in Cheswick.

In it goes nonperishable food, cleaning or school supplies and Christmas gifts.

He also holds lemonade stands to raise money for his Save the Brains campaign to help fund research for the brain tumor his father is fighting. Kieffer also wrote a book of poems to raise more money.

"It makes me feel happy when I am helping others and just helping them get through life in a good way," Kieffer said. "If you need to take a donation, it's always open. We're never going to shut it down. It's open 24 hours."

Sam's event starts at 3 p.m. Friday on Walnut Street in Shadyside.