Proud to be From Pittsburgh: White Cane Coffee

Proud to be from Pittsburgh: White Cane Coffee

PITTSBURGH — A lot of us start the day with a warm cup of coffee. A western Pennsylvania woman is changing the way we buy it by giving job opportunities to those who might not get them. She's doing something very unique and shows us the local school that's supporting her.

The coffee cart, which Kevin Bledsoe sells treats and cups of joe from, is more than just a quick stop for his teachers at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children.

It's giving him job and life skills. His school just started buying it for students to sell from a new coffee cart.

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"It's been going good. We have lots of customers," said Kevin Bledsoe.

Erin William doesn't have to ask Kevin what kind of coffee he's brewing because she knows that smell. She's the one supplying the coffee.

"I am the founder and CEO of White Cane Coffee," said William.

The logo and the aid in her hand explains the name. She's blind.

"I was frustrated that no one would hire me due to my disability," said William. "People would see the white cane and glasses and nothing else."

So she created White Cane Coffee company in February. She sells it from this small space in Warren, Pennsylvania, near Erie, and online.

They bag the coffee and the k-cups; you'll notice the braille on the bags. It's something Erin thinks only her company is doing.

"My dad told me when I was a very little girl that I needed to change the world," said William.

She wasn't born blind, but she's learned to adapt to this new lifestyle. She's using it to connect with others, like Kevin, who have the same impairment.

"I have, inadvertently sometimes, helped a lot of people through this business. So I think I've done the job!"

William and White Cane Coffee are making us proud to be from Pittsburgh.

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