Retired Fayette Co. man tackles trash, makes us Proud to be from Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Litter on the roads is a common sight, but one Fayette County man refuses to allow it in his community.

Tony Whipkey, 71, frequently walks along a busy road leading to the small town of Dunbar.

He picks up garbage several times a month for three to four hours at a time. It all started as a way to pass the time during lunch breaks when he worked for PennDOT many years ago.

“When I retired, I thought I would just keep on doing it as long as I’m able. Since 2013, that’s what I’ve been doing,” said Whipkey.

Despite having both knees and one hip replaced, Whipkey continues his passion to keep the roads clean.

“I hobble around, but I won’t quit. If I see it trashed up, I do it again, and it reflects well on your town,” he said.

For his efforts, Whipkey received an award from the borough.

“Tony is the kind of guy every neighbor would like to have. You need a hand, you call Tony. He’s more than willing to help you out,” said Dunbar Council President Rob Grover.

Whipkey would like more people to think before they litter.

“I have a 5-year-old grandson, and he said, ‘Pappy, God would be really angry if he seen all the trash being thrown out on his Earth.’ And I thought you mean to tell me a 5-year-old boy understands this, but grown people do not understand that throwing litter out is not a good thing,” he said.