• Rats overtaking area near bankrupt recycling facility in Hazelwood


    PITTSBURGH - Residents of Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood say rats are overtaking their area after a nearby recycling facility went bankrupt and has since been unkempt.

    The center went bankrupt in January, and area residents said nothing has been done to keep up with it since.

    Channel 11’s news exchange partners at TribLIVE report that piles of trash have been sitting for months, not only attracting rodents, but causing an unbearable smell to overtake the area.

    Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said the city is unable to go in and clean up unless it is granted permission.

    “We can’t without getting into serious trouble. However, if the problem continues and the court doesn’t make a decision next week, we may have to take that option and have a lien against the property for the work that we have done,” Peduto said.

    A bankruptcy hearing is scheduled for Monday. A judge will then decide whether the facility can be sold.

    According to TribLIVE, an attorney for the company said they intend to clean up the property and continue recycling operations. 

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    Rats overtaking area near bankrupt recycling facility in Hazelwood

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