• Reports of 'rogue clowns' in Westmoreland unfounded; sightings in other counties confirmed


    GREENSBURG, Pa. - Despite a post on social media claiming multiple sightings of clowns in Westmoreland County, a 911 supervisor told Channel 11 News there have been no such sightings.

    The Facebook post from Westmoreland County Fire Alerts on Tuesday night indicated there had been reports of clowns in Hempfield, Manor, Sewickley Township, Smithton and Greensburg.

    The alert, which was shared more than 5,000 times, has since been taken down.

    Greensburg police responded with their own Facebook post, confirming there have been no reports of clowns in the area, “friendly or otherwise.”

    The post said:

    “We can assure everyone we do not have any rogue clowns running around town. Please refrain from possibly tying up our emergency lines in reference to their post.”

    It was a different story in Fayette and Cambria counties.

    The Albert Gallitan Area School District's Masontown Elementary School sent a letter home to parents Wednesday detailing that students had been coming to school and talking about people dress as clowns. The Masontown police chief  confirmed that there have been several sightings of people dressed as clowns in Masontown and surrounding areas. Police are responding with an increased presence at the school and around the neighborhood.


    According to the Tribune-Democrat, woman in Barr Township called police Monday to report a clown dressed in a teal outfit who was peeking through her window before running away in Cambria County. There have also been several sightings of suspicious clowns in Huntingdon County.

    In recent weeks, there have been reports of “creepy” clowns in several states, including at least one who reportedly tried to lure children into the woods in South Carolina. Three people have been accused of falsely reporting clown sightings in Georgia and North Carolina.

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