Retired physician skydives for the first time at 90

Retired physician skydives for the first time at 90

PITTSBURGH — You’re never too old to go jumping out of planes. At least if you’re Dr. Bill Wharton, 90.

To celebrate another decade, Wharton, a retired physician decided to check skydiving off his bucket list. To do so, the St. Barnabas retiree traveled to Maple Grove, Minnesota to complete the task.

As a retired emergency room physician, there isn’t much that Wharton hasn’t seen. However, he hadn’t experienced the 14,000 foot dive until recently.

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“I decided if I was going to get it done, it was going to be this year,” Wharton said.

Nothing he’s experienced in 90 years was comparable to the one minute of free fall as he reached speeds of 150 miles per hour.

Despite the courageous leap, Wharton doesn’t consider himself to be a super adventurous person.

“Senility takes all forms,” Wharton joked.

After the dive was finished, Wharton only had one request. It was his cane for the long walk back to the operations office.