• Scam robotexts on rise


    Consumers are constantly having to contend with unwanted robocalls and now spammers are attacking with robotexts.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, there has been a rise in robotexts.

    They are similar to robocalls, in that they are trying to get your personal information, but they may also contain links to malicious websites.

    The report said the Federal Trade Commission received more than 93,000 complaints about unwanted texts last year.


    Experts said if you receive a robotext, do not reply at all and do not click on any links. Never reply with "stop," even if the message asks if you want to opt out. Replying can confirm your phone is active.

    When in doubt, block the number.

    Consumers are urged to forward any spam texts to the Federal Communications Commission, free of charge, at the number 7726


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