• School security guard charged with rape


    CLEVELAND, Ohio - Disturbing new allegations have emerged about a Cleveland school security guard accused of rape.

    The first police report filed against East Tech High School security guard Derrick Dugger is dated Nov. 9.

    It details inappropriate comments that began in March of this year to a 15-year-old student, that turned into dirty messages over the summer and escalated to inappropriate touching seven months later. According to families WEWS spoke with, this is not the first complaint against the 29-year-old.

    "My daughter is a special needs child. We never would have thought in a million years that she would have went to authorities and made that report," said Joyce Swann.

    "I don't believe a person like this just wakes up one day and decides to do it. I think he begins and he looks for people who are vulnerable," said Brian Wozny.

    Both these parents say their special needs children were targeted by Dugger in months and years past.


    "We absolutely know that victims who have some form of disability are victimized at higher rates," said Kirsti Mouncey of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. She says predators look for those who are most vulnerable and those who can't always explain exactly what's happening. The other obstacle is that sexual abuse isn't always reported immediately.

    It's why Mouncey says adults and investigators need to take every report seriously, asking more questions when the victims are children or have special needs. "Maybe that takes time, and that takes some trust, but generally when someone does disclose, it means they're really asking for help and they're really looking for something to change," said Mouncey.

    Dugger pleaded not guilty this week to charges of rape and sexual battery. But as the investigation continues, detectives believe there are at least three victims and possibly more.



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