• Second session being held by firm for findings, reorganization options for PWSA

    Infrastructure Management Group Inc., which was hired by the city of Pittsburgh to study operations of Pittsburgh Water and Sewage Authority, will hold its second session Tuesday at 3 p.m.
    The first session was held on August 28.
    The agenda for the session is as follows:
    1. Report from the IMG legal review team, including an initial assessment of the legal issues surrounding each of the PWSA restructuring options. 
    2. Report from the IMG financial review team, including an initial assessment of PWSA's financial condition.
    3. Report on continuing community outreach efforts.  
    4. A Presentation by Daniel Evans, President of the Board of Trustees of Citizens Energy Group.  Citizens Energy is a non-profit charitable trust.  
    5. A Presentation by Lauren Brookey, member of the Board of Directors of the Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority. She will be joined by Eric Lee, director of finance and staff manager of the UEI.

    The firm will hold another session on Nov. 8 to give the panel its final recommendations for restructuring PWSA.



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