Second suspect officially named in Wilkinsburg mass shooting

Second suspect officially named in Wilkinsburg mass shooting

PITTSBURGH — Police have officially named a second suspect in the Wilkinsburg mass shooting that resulted in the deaths of six people, including an unborn baby, and left three others wounded.

Cheron Shelton, 29, who was previously questioned in connection with the March 9 shooting at a family cookout, is now being considered a suspect in the shooting by investigators, according to a court motion that was filed Monday for a change in venue in a separate drug case.%

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Officials have said Shelton is not related to the victims.

Attorney Randall McKinney came to Shelton's defense, claiming his innocence.

"He had nothing to do with this incident in Wilkinsburg," McKinney said.

Shelton was first questioned on March 25. He was again questioned in early April, along with three other people, including a man named Robert Thomas.

Both Thomas and Shelton are both officially named "suspects in a homicide currently being investigated by the Allegheny County Police," in the court petition.

The District Attorney’s Office revealed on April 7 that Thomas was considered a suspect in the shooting.

Currently, no one has been formally charged with the murders, but District Attorney Stephen Zappala told Channel 11 the investigation is getting close to a conclusion.