• See & Be Seen checks out what's new at Cedar Point

    By: Carly Noel


    SANDUSKY, Ohio,None - Intern Christian Heilman and I hit the road for another one tank trip.  We traveled to Sandusky, Ohio, to check out what's new at Cedar Point.

    The weather was not on our side; it rained the entire way there.

    After 177 miles and three hours in the car, we arrived at 1 Cedar Point Drive.

    There was a brief moment, when we got out of the car, that it wasn't raining, but as we made our first steps into the park, we felt some drizzles.

    Public relations director Robin Innes gave us windbreakers to wear that kept us dry as we walked to one of the park's new indoor shows, "Rockin’ the Point."

    Photos: Carly, Christian's Cedar Point Trip

    The rain finally stopped, and we were excited to check out what makes Cedar Point one of the best amusement parks in the world -- its rides.

    “We have 75 rides, so we have more rides than any other park in the world. Included in that are 17 roller coasters,” said Innes.

    My favorite coaster is the Top Thrill Dragster, so I hopped in the front seat for a quick thrill. In 17 seconds, my train went from 0 to 120 mph in less than four seconds, climbed 420 feet on a 90-degree angle and dropped 400 feet. Wow! What a ride!

    The big new ride this year is the WindSeeker, a 301-foot-tall tower that swings riders nearly 30 stories above the Lake Erie shoreline.

    “During the ride, they’re going to get these dramatic views of Cedar Point, Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay and Cedar Point Beach,” said Innes.

    Also new at the park this year is Pink’s Hot Dogs.

    “Pink’s has been a Hollywood tradition since 1939. We’re very fortunate in that it’s the first Pink’s franchise east of Las Vegas,” said Innes.

    In Pink’s, we met a couple from the Pittsburgh area.

    “We came this morning, and we’re going to stay until tomorrow night,” said Garrett Labrosse of South Park.

    Like Garrett, many who visit Cedar Point want to stay in Sandusky for more than just a day.

    “With our resorts located on Cedar Point Beach, it’s very reasonable and affordable to make it a long weekend or mini-vacation. Our guests qualify for $29 tickets. They also qualify for early entry, which means they get into the park an hour earlier than the other guests,” said Innes.

    For those who don’t stay overnight on Cedar Point property, tickets are $47.99. Before your trip, check out CedarPoint.com for deals on park tickets.

    Christian and I wished we could have spent another day at Cedar Point, but we had to head back to work in Pittsburgh.

    We filled up at a gas station in Sandusky. Gas was only $3.35; that’s way less than it is in Pittsburgh.

    In all, Christian and I traveled 354 miles and used exactly one-tank of gas.

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