• Senator calls on Facebook, Google to ban political ad targeting


    A 2020 presidential candidate is asking Facebook and Google to change political ad targeting. 

    Sen. Ron Wyden said he is concerned about things like microtargeting which could be used to dissuade minority groups from voting. 

    Ad buyers can target voters based on their interests and where they live. They can even upload lists of voters to target. 


    The Oregon Democrat's concerns come at a time when some political campaigns are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a week on online ads. 

    Wyden wants Facebook and Google to prevent political campaigns from uploading lists of specific voters.

    Both companies have said voter suppression campaigns and targeting groups based on race or ethnicity is not allowed and that they've put new rules in place around political ads since 2016. Google explained their position in a blog post last year.

    But Wyden argues they haven't gone far enough.


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