• Start your engines: 12-hour lawnmower race takes over U.K.


    It's not the famed endurance race at Le Mans, but the United Kingdom has its own tough test on four wheels.

    The 12-hour lawnmower race has been called the "greatest show on turf."

    A total of 48 teams lined up for the highlight of the British and World Lawnmower Sporting calendar.


    The endurance race held in Five Oaks, England, began on Saturday, August 3, and went all night into the next day.

    Just as in Formula One or NASCAR races, pit crews were put to the test.

    The annual race near England's south coast started in the early evening.

    Drivers switched off, taking turns so they could get some rest overnight.

    Lawnmowers traveled a one-mile circuit, and it was a grueling competition.

    This year's winning team finished 384 laps over the 12-hour race.

    Many lawnmowers broke down along the way, but most were still in the race as it finished in the early morning hours Sunday, August 4.


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