• Superheroes surprise UPMC Children's Hospital patients

    Several of the world’s most famous superheroes surprised patients at UPMC Children’s Hospital Wednesday morning as they rappelled down the side of the building and washed windows.
    Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America joined forces to surprise young patients. 

    During most days, the superheroes work as window washers at Allegheny Window Cleaning, Inc., the company that’s been behind the window-washing surprise for several years.
    "It's a little hard, but you have to work through that,” said Edward Hetrick, who was dressed as Superman. “You see that smile in their face, and it makes you feel good.”
    Hetrick said after doing the work, he receives a lot of messages thanking him for going the extra mile. 
    While these superheroes aren’t able to leap the tall hospital in a single bound, they are able to boost the spirits of the children inside of it. 

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