Surveillance video shows suspected robber scream 'I'm sorry, bro!' as security guard shoots him

Surveillance video shows suspected robber scream 'I'm sorry, bro!' as security guard shoots him

HOUSTON, Texas — Dramatic surveillance video captured a security guard chasing after a suspected robber in Houston.

Detectives said when the robber left the illegal game room with money, a security guard followed and started firing at him.

The footage captured the man screaming out an apology, after a bullet entered his leg. The robber can be heard yelling, "I'm sorry, bro!"

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The violent confrontation unfolded in front of the tattoo and piercing place known as Fresh Ink.

Thomas Mattox, the owner of Fresh Ink, told KTRK, "I just thought hearing 'I'm sorry,' was funny like, 'Don't shoot, don't shoot again.'"

Mattox said when he rolled back his security camera's video, he couldn't believe what he saw.

"Obviously, it is making me more fortified with my security. My cameras, burglar bars, making sure I have my firearm on me at all times, making sure myself, my staff were protected," said Mattox.

The crisp, clean video showed the injured man get into a white car, with his legs up in the air. An eyewitness said within seconds, the suspected robber left the parking lot.

"It was a lady because I heard the scream afterwards, when I saw the cameras. I heard the scream of a female voice. She took him in the car and they just drive off. They drove off maybe to the hospital," said the witness.

Detective Gerald Robertson, from the Houston Police Department, said, "He is expected to survive from his injuries. He has been treated. He is in the hospital right now recovering from his injuries."

Robertson said the injured man targeted the illegal game room, "We have since interviewed him and as a result of that interview the case is still ongoing at this time."

Houston police said the suspect, who has not yet been identified, is currently wanted on warrants out of Texas and Louisiana.

They said additional criminal charges against him are pending.