Teen accused of threatening on Snapchat to bomb plane

HOUSTON, Texas — Two photos uploaded to Snapchat could put Hector Fonseca, 17, behind bars.

Fonseca is accused of threatening to blow up an airliner. Police said he posted the threat on social media while he was at Bush Intercontinental Airport waiting to get on a flight.

The teen was with his dad on Aug. 3 as both were headed to Guatemala aboard a United flight. Instead of sharing his excitement for the trip, court documents allege Fonseca made two posts with terroristic threats.


A representative from Snapchat emailed the posts to the FBI the following day and police arrested the teen when he arrived back in Houston on Aug. 10.

Students and parents at Atascocita High School, where the teen is a junior, reacted to the news.

"Some kids think they can joke around about it -- dark humor -- and they can joke around about it and nothing will happen. It's not a good idea," one student told KTRK.

"Even if he was joking, that's not something to joke about. Not at all," said parent Hubert Randle.

The district attorney's office released a statement about the charges that reads in part: "What everyone needs to know is that we take threats of mass violence seriously. Houston police filed charges with prosecutors after receiving information from FBI and Customs and Border Protection agents."