• 'Do not consume water' order lifted for Neville Township days after massive backflow


    NEVILLE TOWNSHIP, Pa. - About 1,000 residents on Neville Island are now able to use tap water for everyday use after days of being under a "do not consume" order.

    They were forced to use bottled water for everything from drinking to bathing since Tuesday night because of a backflow in the water system.

    According to a release from the township, an industrial water meter recorded a backflow into the water system of approximately 2,000 gallons. The content of the backflow is unknown at this time, but there was a threat of contamination. 

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    It took until Wednesday afternoon for the restriction to be partially lifted.

    On Friday, the township announced the "do not consume" order was fully lifted. A public notice posted said the source of the situation was related to fire fighting foam from an industrial fire suppression system.



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