1 injured when SUV ends up on roof during hit-and-run

CARNEGIE, Pa. — A woman was injured when her Jeep ended up on its roof after a hit-and-run on Cubbage Street in Carnegie on Friday evening.

Andrea Prohaska said she was two cars behind the Jeep.

"I was concerned because I didn't know who was in the car or how bad she was hurt," Prohaska said.

Neighbors ran out of their homes when they heard the piercing sound of metal on metal.

Witnesses told police they saw a red pickup truck try to pass the Jeep on the very narrow street, but a car was coming up the hill at the same time. They said the truck had nowhere to go.

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"Pushed her over into the parked car. And I don't know how it happened, she went upwards and flipped backwards," Prohaska said.

Neighbors said the red pickup truck drove off in reverse down two streets.


"He flew around me backwards all the way down here and went all the way up the hill backwards in the truck," Prohaska said. "He was gone. He just couldn't get out of here quick enough.

Witnesses said that, as that truck sped off, people ran to the crash scene to help.

"We all jumped into action, got her out of the car," William Hoffman said.

Hoffman said heis trained in CPR and that he and two men worked to pull out the women trapped.

"It's just instinct. You can't take too long to think in case the car engulfs in flame," Hoffman said.

The woman was taken to a local hospital.

Police said this is still an open investigation.